by Qusoos El-Badawi

Everything in this world bears a sense of feeling even if through a preordained inanimate manifesto.

But never had I better acquainted myself with a word that fit the terms ‘Bitter’ & ‘Ruthless’ in my brief existence than this one.

It was cold and not only that, it changed the complexion in images of all that surrounded you in a day, including those of the strongest tones.

It spread, but pierced its’ toxin through the air’s anatomy like an unknown disease – in a less gentle & caressing manner as if it knew exactly what to do to crawl beneath your skin.

It caused panic & inevitably change, most notably that of the psychological, which preceded the physical.

It crept under the finest of warming fabrics with hands of sheer brutality, bearing no intent of shielding you from the impeding cold embrace.

Rather it sought to consume every being until we all shared the fate of an invisible entity who’s sole reason reaches out for simply – acknowledgement.

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